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About us


Sanatoga Swim Club (SSC), formerly known as Beulahland Swim Club, has served the Sanatoga region for more than 50 years.  Sanatoga Swim Club is established and operated on Christian principles.  While members do not need to sign a statement of faith or hold to a particular set of Christian beliefs; we do require that all members agree to our pool rules and principles (below).

The pool area includes:

- Infant & Toddler pool with fountain.

- Roped off shallow end for beginner swimmers.

- 25 meter lap pool.

- 12 foot deep diving well with two diving boards.

- Male/Female locker rooms & snack bar.

In addition to the best family membership pool in the region, SSC maintains a beautiful park area for its members as well as for group rentals.  SSC has a large pavilion, with seating for 300-400 guests, a playground, athletic field, outdoor basketball and lovely wading creek to explore.  

The SSC is managed by Coventry Christian Schools.

2024 Hours
Opening Day is Saturday, May 25:  1pm - 6pm
Sunday, May 26:  1pm - 6pm
Monday, May 27:  12pm - 5pm
Saturday, June 1:  1pm - 6pm
Sunday, June 2:  1pm - 6pm
Saturday, June 8:  12p - 7pm
Sunday, June 9:  1p - 7pm
Normal hours start on Monday, June 10th and are as follows:
Sunday: 1:00pm - 7:00pm
Monday - Thursday: 11:00am - 7:30pm
Friday - ​Saturday: 11:00am - 8:00pm​
Pool hours are subject to change based on weather and membership demand.

Sanatoga Swim Club (SSC) Rules

*Grounds refers to the full SSC property, Pool Area refers to fenced in area surrounding pool.


​1. No smoking or alcoholic beverages on SSC grounds.

2. No immodest bathing suits or clothing of any kinds on SSC grounds. Women’s and girls’ swimsuits must cover the midriff area (no 2 piece, bikini style, bathing suits are permitted). Speedos for men are not permitted.  No thong or "cheeky" bottoms.

3. No profanity on SSC grounds.

4. No TVs on SSC grounds. Music devices in pool area may only be used with headphones. Music for rentals may be played in pavilion area upon request and approval of the proposed play list.

5. Motorcycles and bicycles are only permitted on paths for transportation to or from park activity.

6. No ATVs, skateboards, scooters, or roller blades/roller skates on grounds.

7. No dogs or other pets allowed on SSC grounds.

8. No littering on SSC grounds.

9. No public displays of affection on SSC grounds.

10. No glass containers in pool or pavilion areas.

11. No chewing gum or food in pool.

12. No running on pool decks or in bath house.

13. No horseplay, fighting, towel-slapping, or pushing into the pools.

14. No games in the pool or pool area that may endanger pool guests or other swimmers.

15. Food should be eaten at picnic tables. Please be considerate and discard all trash. Pizza boxes should be taken to the dumpster and are not permitted in trash cans.

16. Non-swimmers are not permitted on diving platforms. A swim test for children may be conducted by a lifeguard before diving is permitted.

17. Children who are not potty-trained MUST wear a swim diaper when using the pools.

18. Any child under age 15 MUST have a designated adult (over age 18) responsible for the child while at SSC. Unsupervised children may not be dropped off. Discipline and control of any child is the responsibility of the adult guardian, NOT SSC staff.

19. Only one person is permitted on diving board and ladder at all times. Multiple jumpers on the diving board is a hazard and not permitted.

20. Dives intended to splash water from the pool are not permitted

21. Inflated swimming devices or items to assist floating are not permitted in the diving well of the pool. Balls and other toys are not permitted in the diving area as well.

22. Large rafts and floats are not permitted.

23. Water pistols and water balloons are not permitted in pool area.

24. The creek area is not monitored by lifeguards and members “play at their own risk” in that area.

25. All members and guests must use the bathroom/showers that are provided for their biological gender, assigned at birth.


26. Members are limited to 5 guests per member family per day.  If a member would like to bring more than 5 guests on a single day they should contact pool staff/management in order to ensure the pool has adequate staff.

ALL RULES WILL BE ENFORCED BY LIFEGUARDS AND MANAGEMENT. Failure to comply with the rules and directions made by the lifeguards may result in dismissal from pool grounds. Repeated violations may result in termination of your pool membership.

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